CASN Education


CASN Education is one the three main divisions of the Charlotte Area Science Network.

The purpose of CASN Education is to create a professional learning community of stakeholders in STEM education to include representatives from the public schools, universities, STEM businesses, non-profit organizations, and anyone interested in STEM education in the Charlotte region.

The main activity for CASN Education is the CASTLE Coalition, formed in 2008.   CASTLE stands for Charlotte Area STEM Teaching and Learning Environment.  Members of the CASTLE Coalition sign up on the CASTLE Listserve.  As of November, 2013 there are 250+ members on the listserve.

The CASTLE Coalition meets the first Friday of each month, except July, at Zada Jane’s for an informal breakfast to share updates on recent, current, and pending STEM initiatives and programs that impact teacher practice and student learning about STEM.

Approximately 18-24 members attend the monthly breakfast meeting.  The typical meeting consists of meeting and greeting members, a short round of introductions, a brief overview of what’s happening in STEM for that month in the Charlotte area, and then breakfast ala carte.

News shared at the CASTLE breakfast is summarize in the CASTLE Handout and emailed to anyone on the CASTLE listserve.  If you would like to learn more about CASTLE, email Wayne Fisher at