CASN Community


The Charlotte Area Science Network (CASN) Community recognizes and celebrates that science is fun and integral to life.  We do this by hosting Science Cafés and Science Connect, recognizing Science Hubs and showcasing events on our Calendar.  Our definition of science is very broad.  It includes science and the applied sciences (technology) too, such as nanotechnology, biotechnology and information technology and various engineering fields.  We focus on showcasing our regional network of scientific leaders from our broad array of academic institutions, businesses and hobbyists to engage others in the sciences.  Our scientific economy is robust and we welcome you take part.


Science Cafés, where we brew innovative ideasWe invite scientists, engineers, ethicists, and authors to talk about various topics and their implications on society.  These discussions are not hard science.  Rather, throughout the discussion, “gee whiz concepts” and science will be woven throughout.  Science Café topics have ranged from motorsports, edible landscapes, bioethics and more.  Below is a list of previous cafes. If you would like to join us for ‘coffee’ and conversation with experts about contemporary topics in science, please subscribe to CASN.


Science Connect, where scientific innovators connect.  Frequently, we host meet-ups at restaurants for the STEM community to meet.  Or, a business will invite us to their facility to showcase their innovation.  Science Connects provide ample opportunity to network, engage and connect with bright individuals.


Science Catalysts, where we highlight the scientific community at workThe Charlotte Area ranks 32rd in the nation as a STEM economy according to the Brookings Institution.  STEM careers play a direct role in driving economic growth.  The Charlotte Area Science Network needs your help in increasing the visibility of our STEM economy.  If you are an academic, industrial or hobbyist that is having a STEM competition or event and would like to indicate that you are a hub of scientific activity, catalyzing our STEM economy.  Please contact us about using the CASN logo to increase the visibility of our thriving STEM community.  Also, consider posting your event on our calendar or sending us cool science news. 




Science Events, The Charlotte Area Science Network hosts a community calendar to feature what is happening in the scientific community.  We welcome you to post STEM events that may be of interest to the community to attend.  There are a few rules.  The event must be open to the public whether fees are charged or not.  No event may be posted for free that is for the sale of products and services.  If you are a vendor and would like to post on our website, you may do so for a fee.  If you would like to highlight a recent event and cool happenings, we welcome your contribution to our news section. [insert link to news section]



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