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Date(s) - 04/16/2015
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

UNC Charlotte Center city,



Location: UNC Charlotte Center City, Room 204

Carnivorous plants are strangely specialized members of the plant kingdom .

There are over 600 species occurring all around the world – the world-famous Venus flytrap, pitcher plants, sundews butterworts and bladderworts all come from North Carolina.

They may look like flowers and attract unwary insects seeking nectar.  Or they can resemble dead meat – all red and rotten – to attract carrion feeders.

The victims are variously drowned, squeezed to death, chopped to pieces, or smothered in glop on odd-looking leaves that resemble tubular pitfalls, fast-acting bear traps, slimy flypaper surfaces, or “roach-motels.” Often the prey is devoured by other organisms living in co-habitation with the carnivorous plant .

If this tale of the gruesome monsters of the plant kingdom intrigues you, come see them in person. 


Parking is across the street from the center city. Parking is Free.

Follow the  below link for the Parking Permit:

UNC Charlotte Faculty & Staff –  Center City Temporary Permit for 319 and 422c Faculty and Staff 4.16.15
All Visitors – Center City Temporary Permit for Science Cafe 4.16.15